Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I been accused of having a VPN?

This means one’s IP was flagged. This can be caused by using school internet, public wifi, cell phone data, hotspots, and more. Withdraws denied due to a VPN flag can be appealed with a support ticket. Offers denied can be appealed on the Account page.

Why are my completed surveys and offers put on hold?

There are many factors that can place offers on hold. Anything from the system detecting a vpn/proxy, Tor, or other anomalies that the internet security companies score the IP. Some offers are held due to amount, these offers get held as follows: Offers under 200k are usually released within 24 hours. 200k - 500k, these will be on hold for 5 days. 500k and over will have a 10 day hold. These holds do not apply for verified users.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. Having multiple accounts will result in all related accounts being frozen.

Why do video offers not work for me?

Ensure there are ads in between videos by checking for the advertisement label above the playing ad. If not, ensure VPNs and proxies are not being used. Google Chrome is the ideal browser for videos; switch to it if possible. Switching devices can also resolve problems.

Is there an Eloot app?

No. Eloot works fine on mobile browsers.

What is a chargeback?

Offers can reverse gems earned in a charge back, subtracting them from a balance. Charge backs occur for incorrect completions, and false info among other reasons. Withdraws may need to be manually reviewed after a charge back.

Can I make someone who already signed up a referral?

No. Only new users can become referrals.