Giveaways for gem codes, full games, game loot and gift cards run regularly on Eloot’s Instagram


Daily achievements offer a loot box for each completed in a day. These reset at 20:00 EST. 


There are seasonal achievements for reaching various milestones on specific offer walls, and overall. Seasons last per yearly quarter.


Raffles run every 30 minutes and grant a Loot box to the winner. Every 1,000 gems earned grants 1 raffle ticket. Winners are shown in the announcement box upon drawing.

Items and Loot

Loot boxes grant items that increase earnings. 


Referring users grants 10% of their amount earned for life as a bonus to the referrer's account. Refer people by giving them the link found on the account page.

Send your link to friends and post it on your blogs and video descriptions. Do not pay people to use a referral link, send spam emails with a link, or bid on branded keywords for ads with a link.

Referrals are tracked through browser cookies. If someone blocks or deletes cookies while using a link they may not count as a referral.

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