Items and Loot

Eloot items are loyalty rewards. 

Items are obtained in loot boxes and boost your earnings.

Ways to obtain Loot boxes:

  • Complete a daily
  • Complete a seasonal
  • Win a raffle
  • Buy a loot box with 5,000 gems

Opening a loot box will reward an item. There are items you equip and consume.

Equippable items give permanent earning bonuses while consumable earning bonuses last 6 hours. 

Consumables do not stack. Active consumables will be replaced by new consumables. You can carry a max of 3 consumables of the same kind. 

Duplicate items become a bag of gems that are automatically credited for equivalent value.


Opening loot boxes are a good way to increase your base earnings - but not to make a quick buck. Buying loot boxes were designed to benefit users earnings potential over time.

On average, it takes ~300 loot boxes to obtain every item. Equippables are rarer than consumables.

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