Surveys have high earning potential on Eloot. 

It takes on average 10 minutes to 1 hour to complete a survey can earn anywhere from 10,000 to 1,000,000 gems. 

Survey quantity and payout increase as your quality scores increase. 

If you are not a trusted member - surveys worth under 500,000 are held for 5 days. Surveys over 500,000 are held for 10 days. 

Trusted members will earn instant to expedited withdraw requests. A trusted member status is earned after earning 3,000,000 gems or more with less then 5% total charge backs.

Being Aware

Awareness of one’s profile and the surveys they are taking is crucial. If a college student gets put into a survey about retirement, it’s better to close out of the survey rather than wasting time on it. Keeping a consistent profile across surveys allows providers to send more relevant high paying surveys.

Most surveys have hidden quality checks. These can include:

  • Timers to ensure enough time spent
  • Word count and legibility checks on open ended questions
  • Monitoring of tab switching
  • Detection of repetitive answers

Surveys sped through or filled out with fake info will result in charge backs and disqualifications. Gem earnings are higher by being honest and taking enough time to do surveys.

Survey disqualifications are common. A person will qualify for 5-25% of surveys they attempt depending on their profile.

Being Efficient

Ensure surveys attempted will be worth the time put in. Surveys that pay 50,000 gems but take 90 minutes are usually not good options. Check estimated completion times and gem payouts whenever available.

A popular survey provider is Your-Surveys. They can be accessed through AdGate, Adscend, some surveys on Opinion Capital, and occasionally other walls. YourSurveys has one of the highest quantities and average quality of surveys, and will continually generate surveys for the gem value specified.

Quality Score Notes

Surveys look for particular demographics they are interested in. Disqualifications happen for being outside those demographics. Surveys also disqualify for rushing, fake info, and failed trap questions.

On rare occasions the surveys may lose their tracking. This can be resolved by contacting the relevant offer wall’s support with proof of completion.

If no surveys appear on a certain wall, it may mean the provider’s servers are down. If the issue persists a ban may be the issue; contact the offer wall support for help.


Fill out profilers on offer walls and survey providers to get high paying surveys. Profilers are on every survey wall and ask simple demographics questions to find relevant surveys. An example profiler is shown below.

 Knowing where to look for surveys is also important. Below are some offer walls with highlighted areas which provide good surveys.

Use YourSurveys and the High Paying Surveys section on AdGate.

Use YourSurveys and the High Paying Surveys section on AdScend.

Try Any Surveys on TheoremReach. They pay for disqualifications too!

Try the “Surveys for you” box on

Try any surveys on Opinion Capital. Max survey length and min payout can be set easily too!

The above offerwalls typically offer the best quality and quantity of surveys. However other offerwalls can have quality surveys too.

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